Tuesday Links


God he's hot. Happy Tuesday.

Photographer's amazing intimate portraits of popular music's golden era

Scientists Stumped By Sun’s Asymmetrically Reversing Magnetic Field

Mystery of the Chinese sewer transformed into a sea of colour after dumping of millions of pill capsules

Leviathan: graphic novel of a gigantic cruise ship lost at sea for 20 years

The 82-year-old gymnast who can still hang from bars and do somersaults after a lifetime of practice

Mobile app helps report unfair airport screeners

Power really does corrupt as scientists claim it's as addictive as cocaine

Haunted soundtrack for 1960s TV from a parallel world

MIT Builds Carbon Nanotube Sensor To Detect Rotten Fruit

Descriptive Camera prints out descriptions of pictures, not pictures themselves

Feds prepare for another busy US fire season

New drug approved for erectile dysfunction

S.F. photo exhibit of women who found self-worth

Aging pets: Dogs (and cats) are having their day