Video- Krugman Debunks Claim That Businesses Pay ‘The Single Highest Tax Rate In The World’


I hate it when I see women so obliviously in the tank for money. Via TP.

  • Studies Support Krugman: U.S. Corporate Tax Rates Are Similar To Other Countries
    CRS: U.S. Has A Slightly Lower "GDP Weighted Average" Corporate Tax Rate Than Other OECD Countries. A March 31, 2011, Congressional Research Service (CRS) report titled "International Corporate Tax Rate Comparisons and Policy Implications," compared the weighted average of corporate tax rates in the United States and in other countries in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). It found that the United States has an effective corporate tax rate of 27.1%, compared to the OECD (excluding the United States) average of 27.7%.

  • Krugman may be right, but in this video he didn't 'debunk' anything -- he merely contradicted Fiorino.  I'd be interested to see the data and reasoning behind both claims.