VIDEO: Watch Rachel Maddow in action, tending bar at the MSNBC NerdProm party


Rachel Maddow said she wasn't going to NerdProm (aka the White House Correspondents Dinner), but boy howdy, did she tend bar at the MSNBC party! What a hoot!

Hey, I wonder if David Gregory ordered a drink and then followed up by having anoth--- nah. Not his style.

Mediaite really came through with this one, specifically Tommy Christopher. Read the details over there, but here's a quick excerpt:

In this exclusive video, though, she appears to be making a pair of fancy martinis. She tends bar the way I imagine an assassin in a Quentin Tarantino movie would: cool, meticulous, and a little bit quirky. At the end of this clip, you can also catch a glimpse of ... Meghan McCain...

I so wish I'd been there just to down a drink or three personally concocted by Mixologist-slash-Author Rachel the WonderBrain.