Video- Jimmy Kimmel’s 10 Best White House Correspondents’ Dinner Jokes


I went from meh to "I'm sure there are other things I should be doing". PBO was hard to top. Via.

  • David G.

    The only think funnier could be Congress trying to pass a meaningful bill where people, not corporations and campaign contributors come first.  DG

  • Bill Heffner

    I thought it was modestly funny, some nice punchy ones, and mostly in good tase. He wanted his audience to have fun. The only criticism I have of him is that he tells a string of jokes with no narrative stream, which detracts from the humor. A good standup tells a story that hangs together, with one subject containing several punchlines and leading into the next subject. Given the venue, that might have been difficult, but Steven Colbert certainly managed it at that same dinner.