Memo to self-serving Meet the Press: Promoting NBC shows is not news, nor is fake, "More from the roundtable"


I will post the infuriating clip of conservative political consultant (and top media adviser to George W. Bush's 2004 presidential campaign as well as Mitt Romney's 2008 presidential campaign) Alex Castellanos interrupting and condescending to MSNBC's not-conservative Rachel Maddow in my next post, but first, let's cut in with David Gregory's own infuriating and self-serving interruptions and teases.

He relentlessly promoted other NBC shows at the expense of a much more relevant-- and important-- segment on the differences between President Obama and Willard M. Romney on policy issues.

After a heated debate between Castellanos and Maddow, as well as Hillary Rosen and Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA), David Gregory actually had the chutzpah to say, "We'll be back to the roundtable..." when what he really meant was "Screw that, here are two segments that NBC hopes will bring in more ratings."

So instead of continuing the discussion with his guests, he prioritized mini-infomercials for future network shows and finally got "back to the roundtable" just long enough to thank them for what little time he gave them on air.

Mr. Laffy and I both screamed "WTF?!" at the Tee Vee machine in unison when we realized there would be no more discussion of information that matters to voters, but instead, we'd be force-fed this:

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Really, NBC? This is what Meet the Press has become?

The commercialization of the news is depressing enough, but to turn one of the mainstays of Sunday talk (or as I like to call it, Media Bias Sunday... scroll) into a diet of teases, infotainment, and promos for other network programs is insulting and downright appalling.

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     you a friend of alex? why should he be allowed to constantly interrupt her. can't dg take control of his own show? gimmeabreak!

  • mmdccbslm

     dg is a shill for the right. that's why he surrounds Maddow with creeps like Castor-oil-lano

  • mmdccbslm


  •  I wanted to pour one of Rachel's mixed drinks on his head.

  •  Thank you Susan!

  • Exactly!  And when he wasn't interrupting Rachel, he was sitting there smirking and laughing. His intention was to talk over her and condescend and that's what he did. Completely frustrating that MTP didn't make time for an actual debate.

    MTP Watcher.... Whenever Rachel is on MTP, there are actual facts presented which really pisses off R's and therefore they do the fox noise thing, which is to talk over and use up the time. 

  • Susan Smith

    Excellent take on Gregory and the show. 

  • KansasDem

    I put this squarely on David Gregory's shoulders. I've watched him too long to believe that he's anything less than a Faux News clone!

    He hammers liberals and progressives with idiotic right-wing talking points but softballs conservatives/republicans time after time!

  • "Belittled a bit"? More than a bit, IMHO.

     And where does it say that she couldn't take the heat? On the contrary, she dished it right back at him. The point was, he was condescending and rude, she wasn't. She tried to make points about policy, he did nothing but talk down to her.

    It is he who should get out of the kitchen... until he can carry on a conversation without intentionally demeaning his fellow guests and make factual comments instead of meaningless right wing talking points.

  • MTP Watcher

    I agree with your assessment of the episode.  I found it strange that David Gregory put up those two segments.  The SNL segment wasn't even funny - neither of the comics did a good impression of the candidates.  It appeared to me that perhaps the unusually combative roundtable was cut short for some reason not shown on air.

    I also agree that Castellanos belittled Maddow a bit.  However, whenever Maddow is on that show she comes on with an agenda to attack whatever republicans are sitting next to her.  If she can't take the heat back...well, she should get out of the kitchen.

  •  I'm surprised Castellanos didn't pat Rachel on the head and ask her if she was on her period...The misogynistic JERK. >:-(