DC journalist: TSA told my 79-year-old mother-in-law she had an "anomaly in the crotch area."


The Atlantic Magazine columnist Jeffrey Goldberg wrote an op-ed  about his 79-year-old mother-in-law's humiliating encounter with a Transportation Security Administration agent at Reagan National Airport. The agent told her that there was an "anomaly in the crotch area."


There seem to be a few anomalies in the TSA. The Hill:

Goldberg said the TSA agent questioned whether his mother-in-law was wearing a "sanitary napkin" or anything else "down there."

"Okay, I now have definitive proof that al Qaeda has actually won," Goldberg wrote Friday. "It hasn't achieved the dissolution of the United States, or succeeded in murdering millions of Americans, or re-established the Caliphate, but it has caused our government to debase itself in the name of security.

There really needs to be a better approach. 79-year-old,  4'11", 110 pound women (and others) shouldn't have to go through this.

  •  It's real outrage.

  • guest

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  • guest

    Everyone keeps expressing outrage that little old ladies and toddlers are searched .  Ithink the alternative, profiling, is much more vile.  Seriously do you think a terrorist  would consider it  immoral  loading a baby or granny  down with explosives.  Start worrying about real news and drop  the  fake outrage.

  • Donald Butts

    Yes, the terrorists have won. The PATRIOT Act, the holding of prisoners without a trial, the ordering of assassinations of American citizens, absurd security searches at airports. Yep.