Welcome To Our New Sponsor, Tees With 'Tude!!


We're excited to welcome our new sponsor, Tees with Tude - teeswithtude.com. Tees with Tude is the subtle, smart, snarky tees and sweats web site inspired daily by postings from Twitter and Facebook, commentary from Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, and stories from all areas of the mainstream media. They have a growing stable of over 2,400 designs that can be ordered on over 30 high-quality products.

The Political Carnival receives a percentage of all sales made through our website, Facebook, and Twitter postings so order a t-shirt today and help support our daily operations. There is now a permanent ad in the sidebar to the right, so check them out!

(Note- You can get a t shirt with the above design at Tees with 'Tude!)

  • Brimshack

    That T-Shirt is great.