VIDEO- Mitt Romney to students worried about student loans: Go to a cheaper college.


Via Buzzfeed. Geez, could Willard sound any more awkward and breathless?

"::Pant, pant:: Come ON, just find a less expensive school if you're short on funds, kids! Easy as pie! It may be a college you don't like, or that is inferior, or that doesn't specialize in the areas of learning that fit your goals, or one that you can get into, or that is in an city you'd want to move to, but who cares? Just "go to one that has a little lower price!" ::pant, spit, pant::

"That's real freedom, see? That's liberty! That's choice! ::pant, pant:: Not the kind of choice all those silly women keep yammering on about, of course. Or that students want, when it comes to their own education. But the kind of choice that the GOP mandates, see, because we know what's best for everyone. 

"Remember, Big Government intrusion is evil and bad and can be a real pain, see... unless, of course, you're female and need an abortion or other women's health care. Then what we say goes! See? See? ::pant, pant::"

And from Livewire, in part:

“Mitt Romney continues to make promises that he can’t keep,” Obama spokeswoman Lis Smith said in a statement. “While he previously endorsed the Ryan budget, which would make deep cuts to Pell Grants and allow student loan rates to double, and last week said that he would gut the Department of Education to pay for his tax plan, today we heard yet another—and contradictory—position from Romney on student loans As the list of promises Mitt Romney has made to the American people gets longer—from giving $5 trillion in tax breaks to the wealthiest Americans to claiming that he would balance the budget—the numbers just don’t add up."