VIDEO: Missouri GOP Senate candidate Sarah Steelman never heard of Violence Against Women Act.


When asked by a voter about the Violence Against Women Act, Senate candidate Sarah Steelman says she doesn't know what it is because she's not currently serving in elected office.

Um, Ms. Steelman? I'm not serving in elected office either, but somehow I knew about it. Hint: Watch the news, read, educate yourself:

Democrats are launching a big effort to push the bill, and say Republican opposition is an example of the GOP’s hostility toward women. 

We're concerned about uninformed or low information voters? How about uninformed/low information candidates?

By the way, this is the same woman whose response to “What’s the minimum wage?” was "$7.50 an hour" and wasn't in favor of increasing it, because "it's high enough as it is."

The federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour:

Think Progress:

Perhaps explaining their ignorance of the current minimum wage is the fact that none of the three candidates personally live anywhere near it. ...  Steelman has donated upwards of $400,000 to her own Senate campaign.

Maybe she could join Willard Romney in forming the Severely Out of Touch party.