Trayvon Martin Watch- George Zimmerman already pleaded not guilty in killing, per documents


Today George Zimmerman was released on bond, and Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee officially resigns.

Now we find out that George Zimmerman already pleaded not guilty days ago to second-degree murder, according to newly unsealed court documents.

Via the Orlando Sentinel:

...Zimmerman has already pleaded not guilty, something that happened when defense attorney Mark O'Mara filed a written plea several days ago.

Then there's the issue of unsealing more files:

In a typical case, that would mean that as of Friday, all the evidence would be released to the public as well as O'Mara, for example, crime scene photos, Trayvon's phone records, his autopsy results.

But O'Mara and Special Prosecutor Angela Corey have made it clear they want to keep some if not all of those things a secret.

There's a hearing scheduled Friday, a motion by media attorneys fighting to make sure the evidence does become public.