President Obama trying to "pump out the flooding" after GW Bush "ran the economy into the iceberg"


Today's L.A. Times letters to the editor, because our voices matter:

Obama's record speaks for itself

Re "Obama's problem: his record," Opinion, April 17

I am tired of hearing that President Obama has not done enough to pull us out of the recession caused by an irresponsible Republican administration. No president without congressional support can repair such damage in a few years.

The Obama administration has advanced a number of proposals to attack unemployment, but he has faced a Republican-dominated Congress intent on denying any progress that could benefit the president politically.

W.R. Frederick


It is amazing to read Jonah Goldberg's column. How is it that all the right-wing pundits are now complaining that Obama, after taking over as the captain of the Titanic, is having a hard time pumping out the flooding after the incompetence of George W. Bush, who ran the economy into the iceberg in the first place?

Brian Rogers
Woodland Hills