Quote of the Day Ann Romney Style


"It was my early birthday present for someone to be critical of me as a mother."

-- Ann Romney, quoted by The Hill, overheard by reporters at a private fundraiser discussing the incident with Hilary Rosen.

Jeez Ann, I thought you were outraged and insulted? Via.

  • And then......on to the next faux (FOX also) outrage.......

  • David G.

    Ann, make hay while the sun shines, because your hubby is certainly bringing on the rain.  He hasn't got a clue and you haven't got a job.  You're kids are grown, Ann.  so what are you doing for the economy now other than spending your husband's money?  Economic adviser?   What did you really do to become so knowledgeable in these matters, chose the evening's menu?  Plan a guest list?  DG