Saturday Links- The Jig is Up!!!


By the time you read this, I'll probably be married. Contemplate. (you only have to go to :10 in the video)

4 Supreme Court women take same stage

Dementia cases 'to double by 2030' says World Health Organisation

Sight-gag book-ends

Irish Catholics rejecting church doctrine

Weightless horror before the one-eyed God

Swedish town rocked by second child exorcism

How to Be a DIYer Without Time or Talent

Video- Carkoon: The airbag designed for babies and toddlers

Dunedin artist couple lives in mosaic-covered cottage

Austria in sausage fight

Craigslist post seeks concert baby daddy

Tragic childhood and turbulent life of the real Mary Poppins and why she HATED the Walt Disney version of her book

Reported sexual assaults in military rose slightly

Man builds replica of Titanic cabin using wood and mementos from its sister ship Olympic... in his garden shed