Attention Liberal Pundits- New Black Panthers vs Right To Lifers


Dear Liberal Pundits-

May I respectfully suggest that the next time some RW talker gets all frothy as to why "The New Black Panther" party is not being investigated over their wanted poster about George Zimmerman , you remind them of THE YEARS of violent hate speech, disgusting flyers and harassment of Tiller's employees and family that never were prosecuted (never mind the Fox media backup). Why? Because it's NOT ILLEGAL.

Oh, and Ms Strident "Journalist" from the Washington Times, La Raza is not running to George Zimmerman's side because NO INJUSTICE HAS BEEN DONE TO GEORGE ZIMMERMAN!!! I can bet that they'd be there in a heartbeat if the situations were reversed.

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New Black Panther Party was not investigated in '08 BECAUSE NO CRIME WAS COMMITTED. Seriously folks, it's easy and simple, no need to investigate the lint in your belly button.