Mystery donor gives $10 million to Crossroads GPS group to run anti-Obama ads


Jeebus, that's an awful lot of hate represented in that cash. When you feel complacent about how the race is going, remember how many eyeballs can be lied to with that kind of money.

An anonymous donor has given $10 million to run ads attacking President Obama and his policies, escalating the money race that is defining the 2012 presidential campaign. And in the new, free-wheeling environment of independent political giving, the identity of this donor, like many others, is likely to remain a permanent mystery.

The donation went to Crossroads GPS, the conservative nonprofit group founded with support of political operative Karl Rove, which also reported another donor giving at least $10 million over the past two years, according to draft tax returns released by the organization.

The group would not identify the donors, who could be individuals, groups or corporations, and under tax and campaign laws, is not required to disclose them.

The huge contributions, which make the donors among the top political givers, offer new evidence of the altered world of campaign finance: following the Supreme Court’s landmark 2010 Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, spending by interest groups has risen dramatically. The ruling allowed corporations, unions and nonprofits like Crossroads to spend money directly on political activity.