Friday Links


I'm not looking forward to today.

Amazing picture shows cargo ship docking with International Space Station high above the Pacific Ocean

My So-Called Ex-Gay Life

Viking-era 'piggy bank' yields silver treasure

Video- Dude breaks up fight on NYC subway with bag of chips

Obese women 'could be increasing risk of having a child with autism'

Birth control pioneer says fight had personal cost

Video- Alarm clock requires unique daily pin

Video- Mr. McFeely's purple panda terrifies children

Naked album photos of John Lennon and Yoko Ono to be sold at auction after they are discovered in a loft

Judge sentences man to 3 days for wearing saggy pants, tells him to buy a belt

The man who sold everything on eBay after wife left him buys own Caribbean island AND finds love again

Flash game: The Woods

Seat will wrap child in bubble if car crashes protecting infants from fire and dialling 999

Ban on political ads on public TV struck down

50-acre BDSM sex camp disapproved of

Hilarious video of adorable baby copying father's sneezes

Survivalist Singles and climate change erotica

Woman gets drunk, breaks into a house and tries to breast feed stranger's baby