UPDATE: Prosecutor Angela Corey makes announcement in Trayvon Martin case + PhotOH! 2nd degree murder charging document


Via a Think Progress tweet:

Official tells AP: Trayvon Martin's killer to be charged with 2nd-degree murder; is in custody

Special Prosecutor Corey, who did a great job of calmly and matter-of-factly answering all questions, said she's known where Zimmerman was for three weeks. Here are my live tweets:

Corey just spoke to Trayvon's parents

We prosecute on facts and Fla law.

We look out for victim and the accused

Quest for truth, right thing for right reason. Try in court of law, not media

Zimmerman in custody, charged w/ 2nd degree murder

Will not say where Zimmerman is for his safety

He turned himself in, then was arrested

Bond hearing will be held

We will not comment on facts of the case

All murders are homicides, but not all homicides are murders

Zimmerman may have retained new counsel in past couple of hours

Zimmerman is in Florida (he's in Tallahassee, per HLN) ... will be taken for appearance in front of judge at proper time

We work tirelessly for justice for victim

We did not talk to Zimmerman, and we won't without counsel

So much info got released on this case that shouldn't have been released

IF Stand Your Ground becomes an issue, we'll fight it

Seminole Cty is venue, but may be tried elsewhere

Hope publicity doesn't stop us from finding fair impartial jury... Leaks "regrettable"

We have numerous cases where immediate arrests were not made

Meeting with Trayvon's parents, 1st time, we prayed, talked about IF no charges, how we could help

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