Poll-itics: Increase in negatives to describe GOP Gov. Chris Christie: "Arrogant," "self-centered," "bully."


There hasn't been much change in support for Republican Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie, but more are using negative terms to describe him compared to a few months ago. A Rutgers-Eagleton Poll goes into much more detail about his numbers, but this was the fun part:

Voters have become more likely to ascribe negative traits to Christie, compared to October 2011, the poll finds. More than half (56 percent) say arrogant applies very well, up 15 points. The terms self-centered and bully each gained 11 points. Stubborn, which may be seen as either positive or negative, is up 12 points; 62 percent say it fits the governor very well.

 Voters are also more likely to express anger (up 11 points to 42 percent) and worry (up nine points to 46 percent) than six months ago, while no more likely to feel proud (35 percent, down four points) or enthusiastic (36 percent, down one point) about Christie. [...]

[W] women feel unfavorable, 45 percent to 38 percent. Women are also more prone to give Christie a “D” or “F” on his job and men are more likely to bestow an “A” or “B.” [...]

Christie’s negatives have increased since last October. The new results are similar to those of April 2011 and represent the strongest negative responses seen over time, with 56 percent saying arrogant describes the governor well, along with 44 percent self-centered and 41 percent bully.

  • Timmygoat1

    I'm sorry but what comes to mind to me every time I see him  - arrogant lard arse.

  • It's tough to rob from the poor and give to the rich and have folks think positive things about you.  Reverse robin hoodism does not play well in Joisey.