Poll-itics: 75% of Latinos prefer a bigger role for government


The GOP has some convincing to do. According to a Pew poll, Latinos disagree with Republicans about the evils of "Big Government."

A new Pew Hispanic Center poll, via NBC Latino:

- 75% say they prefer a bigger, expanded role for govt, much more than the general public

- Less than 1-in-5 (19 percent) believes in smaller government

Thirty percent also say they consider themselves to be liberal, as opposed to 21% of the general public.

Source: First Read

  • RockyMissouri

    COOL...! I've been saying that very thing! Like: Food inspectors... Bridge inspectors... Jobs that keep us safe....playground supervisors at schools..school supervisors..(bullying prevention) etc. etc.

  • Lia

    what a bunch of dirty communists we are