BREAKING- CNN Projects Mitt Romney Wins Wisconsin Primary


From an alert email, (Rachel just announced that NBC predicts the same) this is what you get-

Mitt Romney will sweep Tuesday’s Republican presidential primaries with a win in Wisconsin, CNN projects.

Earlier Tuesday night, the former Massachusetts governor won primaries in the District of Columbia and Maryland.

Romney will take the majority of Wisconsin’s 42 delegates, winning its 18 winner-take-all delegates based on the statewide vote while the remainder will be awarded proportionally to the winner in each of the state’s eight districts.

CNN estimates that Romney will take the majority of Maryland’s 37 delegates, which are awarded proportionally, and all of the 16 delegates at stake in D.C, which was a winner-take-all contest.

The wins put Romney past the halfway mark to the 1,144 delegates needed to clinch the nomination. Romney holds a wide delegate lead over the other major GOP presidential candidates, according to CNN estimates.