VIDEO- ABC News: Enhanced Video Shows Injury To Zimmerman's Head


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Via NPR. The ABC report is here.

If the wounds were from a struggle with Trayvon Martin, it still doesn't justify his stalking Trayvon, who was unarmed and apparently "stood his ground," nor do they explain away George Zimmerman's claims that the screams were his, when experts say otherwise.

  • Whatever happened to the broken nose. It could had been Pinocchio's. 

  • KansasDem

    " If the wounds were from a struggle with Trayvon Martin, it still doesn’t justify his stalking Trayvon"

    This is exactly what I was trying to say yesterday. Zimmerman was the pursuer! I could care less if Trayvon kicked the crap out of him!

  • differentdrummer

    Rubbish. Those "marks" are too regular, forming a perfect, neat cross. Far too neat to be formed by bashing his head on the ground. They're also too high, almost on the crown of his head; to strike the ground at that spot he'd have to be arching his back and neck like a college wrestler "bridging up."

    I believe what you're seeing there is a reflection of the fluorescent lights on the ceiling.

  • Looking at the video, there are visible marks which could be injuries. But that really is irrelevant to the case of whether this was self-defense. It's not self-defense if you pick a fight and decide to pull a gun because you're losing the fight. It's not self-defense when you choose to put yourself in harm's way by chasing someone you have already described as 'suspicious', even when told not to by 911 dispatchers. 

    The issue isn't if he has injuries or not. It's whether he was justified to claim self-defense. And the minute he stepped out of that truck, his claim went south.