VIDEO: Hillary Clinton, V.P. Joe Biden on how "dated," "out of touch" Mitt Romney is on Russia; Biden skewers him on "flexibility."



[The vice president said] that Obama was referring to the challenge of making substantive foreign policy decisions in the heated political climate of an election.

"We're not going to have the flexibility to sit down and talk with people in this Congress that are going to be able to listen and be able to work with us - probably between now and Election Day."

Vice President Biden also said, "The president is stating the obvious..." and went on to skewer Willard Romney, calling him "uninformed, or stuck in a cold war mentality" and commented on "how little he knows about foreign policy."

I also love how the veep laughingly said how Romney "is a little out of touch" and that he "is a pretty 'flexible' guy, on his positions."