Sunday Links


Sundays are good. Big newspapers, strong coffee and a decent breakfast.

Long-awaited restoration of Leonardo masterpiece delights critics in the Louvre

When Dick Slips In: A Brief History of PG-Rated Penis

Can't get your boy to read? Buy him a Kindle, say researchers

Ex-wife could be jailed for baptizing kids

Video: Batman pulled over by police

Myth and reality of ‘stand your ground’

Marie Antoinette's shoes fetch £36,000 at auction

Apps for Kids 015: Simple Physics

Video- Tweeting plants: Google Campus opens in London

Czechoslovakian tank helmets

New site prints out all your Tweets (or your favourite celebrity's) as rolls of toilet paper

Potato removed from clergyman's anus

What is the psychology behind 'panic' buying?

Video- Lots of snow falls from tall building onto parked cars

The tiny swimming robot that will check your health from INSIDE your body

Insulated eyeball lunch-bag