Video- MRC’s Brent Bozell To Hannity: Trayvon Martin Is ‘Another Tawana Brawley Moment’


Yea Sean, you tell 'em. Why don't you get Oliver North and G. Gordon Liddy on with you to discuss things that happened years ago? Via.

  • Tonrausevans123

    I'm glad someone sees the same thing I see

  • dandy

    Agreed Angela. As long as we have public officials who present in the mainstream racial personna, things will never be 'bought to light'. But as soon as Blacks, Latinos, and other 'others' in the limelight it may be time for another revolution.....not a civil war, just a revolution......................... 

  • David G.

    And you can surmise what Ronald Regan, Hannity's favorite President would have thought -- considering he was the mastermind of the Arms for the illegal hostages and the illegal money to drug king Noriega as some of his finest accomplishments.  DG.

  • No mention of the ''f***ing coons'' utterance. 

    And of course all the injuries to Z are a fabrication.  

  • Hannity and Bozell know exactly what they are doing, they both made a decision decades ago to sell their souls to the devil in return for material wealth and luxury.  They believe in absolutely nothing, every word that comes out of their mouths is simply part of a script written by the global crapitalists that they serve, if that script includes inciting people to hate and kill one another, so be it.

  • Yep -- nothing seems to have shaken up the WMPS {White Male Power Structure} like having a black guy with a funny name in THEIR White House . . .

  • "MRC’s Brent Bozell To Hannity: Trayvon Martin Is ‘Another Tawana Brawley Moment’ "

    I really fail to see how, Bozo:  Brawley -- unlike Martin -- is at least ALIVE to experience the media smearing you and your fellow rightwingnuts are determined to give Martin . . .

  • Amazing, or maybe not so amazing, how racists have become more belligerent and more "out"  about their racism since Obama became POTUS.  And it's only going to get worse.   The genie's out of the bottle.