Saturday Links


Yucky weather, still sleepy.

A spectacular snap of one billion stars in the Milky Way, which took astronomers 10 years to create

Democratic Candidate Challenged Over Being an Astronaut

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How to kill an abortion bill

Energy: Looking for the free ecological lunch

Ready for prom? Don't have alcohol on your breath

Could swine flu vaccine cause narcolepsy? Scientists probe link between drug and increase in cases

FDA: tobacco companies must report chemicals

Forget an Aga – all you need is the £30 Wonderbag

The Penny Becoming a Thing of the Past in Canada

A brief history of breast enlargements

Final Four: Is Obama the best celebrity bracketologist?

New Google 'Activity' page reveals what search giant knows about you - including who you email most and where you are

U.S. farmers to plant the most corn in 75 years

Timothy Doner: How I learned to speak 23 languages

Etch A Sketch launches ad campaign