VIDEO: Santorum’s voter fraud claim, which "falls somewhere in the murky world between audacity and lunacy."


Rick Santorum, during a campaign stop in Milwaukee, Wisconsin:

"In my opinion, the only reason you don’t have a voter ID is you want to continue to perpetrate fraud... As you know, in every state they allow free access to free voter ID, so it’s not a problem."

Um, not so much, Ricky, as you or anyone else can see by reading our posts on Voter ID and the non-existent fraud claimed by the GOP right here.

Think Progress:

Santorum’s claim falls somewhere in the murky world between audacity and lunacy. More than one in ten Americans lack a government-issued photo ID. These people are not committing voter fraud — indeed, voter fraud is rarer than getting struck by lightning — they are potentially having their right to vote stripped away. Santorum appears to have confused the disenfranchisees with the disenfranchisers. [...]

Many citizens don’t have immediate access to their birth certificate or similar documents required for a voter ID.

That is absolutely correct, many don't have a driver's license, or live too far from a provider to get one, or are too ill to travel or stand in line (some states even require one for absentee voters), or simply can't afford the money it takes to access the required documents, but according to Ricky "Bullshit" Santorum, "it's not a problem."

But you know what is a problem? Rick Santorum and his indifference to disenfranchisement.