VIDEO: Rep. Bobby Rush escorted from House floor for wearing hoodie in honor of Trayvon Martin


Today, Rep. Bobby Rush (D-Ill) got kicked out of the House of Representatives because he wore a hoodie, and see, the rules say that hats aren't allowed. Is any head covering a hat? Is a hoodie? Not so much.

We know that, according to Geraldo Rivera, wearing a hoodie is an invitation to get shot. Apparently now it's an invitation to get escorted from the House floor.

CBS News:

"Racial profiling has to stop, Mr. Speaker. Just because someone wears a hoodie does not make them a hoodlum," Rush added, swapping his spectacles for a pair of sunglasses.

At this point, Rep. Gregg Harper, a Republican congressman from Mississippi who was serving as the presiding speaker of the chamber, called Rush out of order. Rush continued reading a passage from the Bible before being escorted out of the chamber.

Rush made his point well and got the attention he wanted, but what might be interesting is to see how many Congress members would get kicked out if they all came in wearing not hats hoodies.