1993 VIDEO: Joe Oliver (George Zimmerman defender ), CNN anchor


Via @Watergatesummer

The above is a tweet that's making the rounds, but Current TV has copied the information from Zimmerman's actual arrest records from the Orange County court records page online, which for some reason is inaccessible. Here is @Watergatesummer's screen grab:

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And here is a 1993 video of Joe Oliver, the George Zimmerman mouthpiece shill devotee who Lawrence O'Donnell, Charles M. Blow, and Jonathan Capehart thoroughly discredited on The Last Word last night (video here):

on Nov 17, 2009:

A Top Stories on CNN Weekend, anchored by Joe Oliver at CNN Center in Atlanta, 1993.

How does that phrase go again? "You'll never work in this town again." Of course, Fox will undoubtedly snatch him right up.

H/t: @Chernynkaya