VIDEO: George Zimmerman's friend, Joe Oliver: Trayvon Martin "was actually the aggressor."


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You heard right, Joe “term of endearment” Oliver said Trayvon Martin had the nerve to fight off George Zimmerman and his gun after being chased down like a hunted animal.

And "f'ing [any word]" is no way to show affection, especially when hissed under your breath just before you kill someone.

Finally, remember, and never forget, if Trayvon was once suspended from school for possessing an empty baggie that contained no pot, he was clearly asking to be shot.

  • SANFORD, Fla. -- Women's jewelry and a watch found in Trayvon Martin's school backpack last fall could not be tied to any reported thefts, the Miami-Dade Police Department said Tuesday.

    To anyone who still wondered...

  •  By the way, to reply to your slam on Rev Al, what you said about him has absolutely no bearing on the interview he conducted. He asked questions, the witness answered. So, you've discredited the witness because you don't much like Rev Al... the other African American in our convo.

    That's two you've judged negatively so far. But who's counting?

  • Paddy

     You got the balls to talk about lynch mobs? If I had one wish, I'd wish three more then use one of those to transport your sorry ass back in time right smack in the middle of a real lynch mob.

  • Paddy

     Oh poor HamletsGhost-

    Has someone gone and pissed in you pot of White Power Rage? My brother has jewelry in his backpack too, AND tools that could be classified as "burglary tools". They're watches and watch repair tools because THAT'S HIS FREAKING HOBBY. You can call anything, including a CREDIT CARD a "burglary tool".

    In your twisted little WPR mind, he's already convicted of a felony huh? Yeah, but Zimmerman has an ACTUAL record, as in OFFICIAL POLICE RECORD of violent confrontations with women and police officers. I think even your crooked scale of justice would be leaning a bit more one way on that.

    Zimmerman had 100 lbs on the kid. Then lets go to the record, the phone record. Zimmerman is on the phone with 911, recorded admitting to following the "suspicious" person,  saying something demeaning and generally looking for something that just wasn't there. Trayvon was on the phone with a girl and the girl testifies that Trayvon saw Zimmerman and was nervous about him following, just wanting to get back to his dad's house.

    One of them is dead, the other is alive and still in possession of the murder weapon. You can be blinded by your WPR, but even a bigot can see that there is something very wrong here.

    Oh, and FUCK OFF.

  •  So you break rules too? Just like you're accusing Trayvon of doing? You just got yourself deleted, Sparky.

  • HamletsGhost

     Is this the same Rev. Al that publicly slandered Deputy District Attorney Steven Pagones in the Tawana Brawley fiasco? Sharpton named Pagones as a rapist who raped Brawley. Has he ever apologized for this outrageous lie?

    You have some funny ideas of what constitutes credibility.

    I read the Mother Jones quote, and fail to see anything to contradict Zimmerman's account of events.

    Logic is not your strong suit, is it?

    Marxism is a religion masquerading as science. It's a mental prison that has a hold on your mind like fly-paper has on a fly.

    To judge by your posts, you were doomed in any case.

    You have my sympathies.

  •  Project much, Mr. Humility? Yep.

    Did you watch Rev Al interview the mother of a witness just now? Nope.

    Did you get your facts straight? Nope. You got what you wanted out of what you've been reading. And apparently you haven't read or heard all of the reporting.

    And apparently you also don't know the law: Trayvon was, indeed, innocent, and at this point, so is Zimmerman, unless you know about a trial that the rest of us missed.

    As for my life, I'd feel a lot safer without trigger happy "watchdogs" like Zimmerman around, shooting unarmed kids.

    And apparently you didn't read the Mother Jones quote.

    Done here.

    Bye now.

  • HamletsGhost

     I read that report on Sunday, and I read it again on your link. How does Zimmerman's story contradict the police report?

    No stolen goods have been reported is not the same as saying no goods were stolen. He was found in possession of 12 pieces of women's jewelry that he admitted to the truant officer were not his. He says a friend gave it to him, but refused to identify said friend. He had a screwdriver that the officer identified as a burglary tool. I'm sure you have an innocent explanation for all this.

     He's was 17 years old, 6'-3". Hardly a boy. He was not innocent. He was well into a life of crime. Burglary is a felony. Look it up.

    I didn't get this from the right wing sites. I get it from the original police report and eyewitness reports.

    Trayvon Martin confronted George Zimmerman, attacked him and was inflicting life-threatening injuries on him while Zimmerman was desperately crying for help. Zimmerman's shot to the chest may very well have saved his life. And perhaps yours as well.

    I don't expect any thanks from you though. The humility of gratitude would clash with the smug sense of moral superiortiy you are savoring.


  •  Actually, Hamlet, turns out he doesn't know a damn thing:

    Now be a good little troll and go somewhere else. If you read our guidelines, which I'm sure you didn't, you'd see we don't allow baiting here. See ya.

  •  Oh my:

    Zimmerman's story doesn't match the police report.

    And if you did your homework, you'd know that there were no stolen goods reported. You've just labeled a dead, innocent boy a felon, too. Wow.

    Guess what, even if he had done every bad thing that you believe by reading the right wing sites, that would not justify his murder. Read the police report, get your facts straight, and don't come back until you do.

    Pot. Kettle. Lynch mob, Hamlet.

  • HamletsGhost

     He knows more than you do.

  • HamletsGhost

    George Zimmerman was defending his life from a vicious attack by a vile hoodlum. He most definitely DID need a gun. Without that gun, Trayvon Martin would have continued to slam his head into the concrete until he lost consciousness and could have died.

    Trayvon Martin was found with stolen goods and a burglary tool. He is a felon, albeit an unconvicted one.

    The lynch mob here and at other sites doesn't want to be bothered by such inconvenient facts.

  • David G.

    Are police dispatchers truly police or just phone answering employees of a police department.  I just want to get it straight that the police actually told Zimmerman to not follow this kid - because Zimmerman was wrong to do what he did, but I'd like to know if "officially" one must follow the orders of that phone answering person at the other end of the 911 call -- if it was a 911 call.  DG

  • lsamsa

    Firstly, I can't believe that this boy was able to overpower this large man to the point that the man had no option but to shoot him.
    Secondly, the police dispatcher specifically told Zimmerman not to follow the boy.
    Now, if as is being said now, the boy did come after Zimmerman after Zimmerman followed him...would it not probably be because the boy felt threatened?
    After all the boy had been running away...not a threat to Zimmerman at all...and Zimmerman had been told not to follow the boy, by the police.
    This would mean, that according to this absurd law 'Stand your ground'...that the boy would have every right to defend himself against this (much larger) man who was running after him & also yelling a racial slur at him.
    Certainly not Zimmerman, who placed himself in the situation, despite being told by the police not to do so.
    This unbelievable law will allow many to escape the justice system (albeit flawed, but better than nothing)...allowing evidence & testimony & the right to a jury trial of ones peers to never come to be.
    There is no reason whatsoever that this young man should be dead.

  • dandy

    I just wonder how much Zimmermans family paid this asshole to come out the woodwork with all the 'knowing' about the case. Where the hell have YOU been good-buddy Joe??  This guy wasn't there at the time, so how the hell does he know what went down?  He's a paid actor.............!

  • JimmyPete

    How the hell can a 140 lb. kid knock down a 240 lb. man, that would need to be some punch. Did the cops take him to the hospital where are those records. Where are the photos of Zimmerman, He had the gun in a holster the kid attacked an armed man who out weighed him on a public street 79 yards from his father's home. But really this is about guns. Cowards need to carry guns to feel powerful. Zimmerman didn't need a gun, but Florida let him walk around with one and this was bound to happen.