VIDEO: Rick Santorum's creepy, unlisted, "cautionary tale": "Obamaville"


Ooooo, beware of the evil Obama-a-a-a!

... or at least, that's what Ricky would have you think:

Uploaded by on Mar 23, 2012:

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Our pal Blogenfreude discovered (and is sharing with us) the new Ricky Santorum intentionally lost campaign episode... the one that's creepy and ominous and under which they disabled comments on YouTube.

But oops! Now everyone will be in on it... unless they pull it.

Since we're free speech, open, go-for-it liberals here at TPC, feel free to comment your heads off. We promise we won't disable Disqus.

  • Lagunadeb

    it is more like in-sanity santorum slum. this man is m0ore than creepy he is beleiveable.

  • David G.

    It's nice to see they still dress well and have TV in Santorum's America...  DG

  • lsamsa

    I would love to hear what Rod Serling would have to say about Ricky, nevermind about the insanity taking over the U.S.

  • theoracle

    Subliminal messaging. In certain spots,  images flashing by in a split second. And these were  just the ones  I glimpsed. Someone would have to analyze this frame by frame to see what other images are implanted in this video.

  • easyneez5

    And to think he breaths our air. What a waste of good oxygen!

  • So much like Nazi propaganda! Such a good Christian man to spread hate, fear and lies! But, that's, obviously, the "Christian" way these days!

  • Djamescollins43

    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot over. Say again all after the first day you joined the clowncar show!  I don't have enough obscene words for this disgusting pile of used contraceptives. This dumbass wants to be the pope of America, oh sorry (wrong "p" word), the president, but he can't organize a campaign staff competent enough get him on the ballot in VA or to earn delegates in all counties of IL! Freaking amazing, he actually got paid as a consultant!

  • Darn, it looks like Bushtown 2008.

  • Nice simulated Rod Serling voice.  Can't wait for the sequel "Santorumsylum".  Frothy gggggoood.