Video- Ann Coulter: "Maybe It's Time" For Conservatives To "Go After The Obama Children"


Go ahead Ann and watch what happens. It won't be pretty. Via.

  • labman57

    Desperate times call for desperate measures by an increasing desperate political party, eh Ann?

  • Ann Coulter: “Maybe It’s Time” For Conservatives To “Go After The Obama Children”

    Go for it, Crazy Annie.  Just don't cry after Michelle beats your skinny ass to the ground . . .

  • kimbutgar

    This is appalling two innocent girls are going to be attacked because they hate their Father the President of the United States with red hot passion. Sean Hannity shameless idiot he is should be ashamed of himself. 

  • HarborGuy

    This creep is beyond evil.

    And...just because I'm going to "vent"...a couple of months ago, there was a post on Democratic Underground (which I've really liked), about this idiot. Ya know, she was spewing the usual vomit in an article. I made reference to her as "ManCoulter" (that I've seen and heard all over the place).
    My posts were immediately deleted and I got multiple messages from several "monitors" on the site, saying that the site has banned that phrase, because it is hurtful to the LGBT (especially the transgendered portion) community on the DU.

    My respose was that the creep, would render off the entire LGBT community of the World to a Gitmo, given the chance and that those on DU in the LGBT areas, best pull their sensitive heads "out" and call out this evil thing.

    Nope...the monitors even deleted the defense of myself...hey, I'm gay...we've worked in and for various groups of LGBT over many years. I feel that these monitors were WAY over the top on the point of using the ManCoulter phrase...they even ignored my post about how the Walking Evil Thing, was blocked from entering Canada...and, that the Canadians may have ended up blocking transgendered from entering the country, if a sex was not identified on their travel documents...all ignored. Guess it fits why I was banned from Huffington Post, for asking the HP why they had Palin articles every single day on their front page. I was told that it appeared that I had a "thing" about Palin and the GOP....uh, ya and damned spot on! Never been back to the HP and I may not go back to the DU....something seems wrong with some of their priorities.

    ...that's my vent.