VIDEO + Chart: Once and for all, Pres. Obama does not set gas prices


Read it and weep, GOP, President Obama has increased oil production, more so than GW Bush ever did, and yet... the United States is consuming less, and prices are going up.

Boo, baby, hoo.

Think Progress has another two charts, proving once again that Newton Leroy "$2.50 per Gallon" Gingrich-- and anyone else who insists that high gas prices are all President Obama's fault-- is wrong. Newtie's campaign slogan is nothing but that, a meaningless slogan:

And to drive the arguments home, I'm re-posting this 2008 video of ClusterFoxers turning their own 2012 talking point on its head:

Think Progress:

Even the Wall Street Journal and Cato Institute agree: “It’s not Obama’s fault that crude oil prices have increased.” [...]

1) oil prices are set on a global market and 2) the strategy of “Drill, Baby, Drill” adopted by the GOP and President Obama has succeeded at increasing production and decreasing dependency on foreign oil — but it has unsurprisingly failed at affecting global markets.

And this, via the New York Times:

With developing countries like China and India demanding more petroleum, prices are likely to stay high. That’s reality — no matter what the Republican spinners say. Only a rounded policy mix of greater fuel efficiency, steady production and the aggressive development of alternative fuels can protect American consumers against what could be even greater price shocks in the years ahead.

Then again, logic and facts mean nothing to Republicans, especially if they bolster anything that comes from President Barack Hussein Obama. Especially in an election year.