The GOP myth about small government, shattered by yet another simple chart


I posted this graph from and TPM the other day that shatters the GOP myth of small government:

If that isn't shattery enough for you, Think Progress linked to economics Professor Mark Thoma's chart from his blog that provides a broader overview:


So much for President Obama's “runaway spending.”

So much for St. Ronnie.

So much for GW Bush.

So much for all those tired old GOP talking points.

Also worthy of note is how many public sector jobs have been cut during President Obama's time in office., See, government workers don't have "real" jobs, at least according to the GOP, which means it's A-OK to throw all those hundreds of thousands of people out on the street. And clearly, the fact that those losses are real and have kept unemployment numbers so high is just a figment of our Marxist imaginations.