If you care about Progressive voices in the media, you'll want to read this


I am livid. But even worse, I'm very, very concerned about the slo-mo destruction of what was once a fantastic Progressive radio station here in the Los Angeles area, KTLK 1150. I've been a loyal listener, have even been invited on to some of the shows from time to time, and was beyond thrilled when they debuted a few years ago.

Their seven-day a week line-up in the early days was stellar, but before we could say, "librul media my ass," they scrubbed Progressive programming on weekends, losing wonderful hosts like Frangela.

Over the past year or so, they've replaced more liberal-leaning programs with "mainstream" consumer reporting shows, and soon the only shows that aired on Saturdays and Sundays were what amounted to hours-long infomercials.

Last week, Thom Hartmann was gone (he announced weeks earlier that his show was moving to the more preferable 3-6 pm ET) and his slot was temporarily filled by a self-described conservative.

The other day, I wrote to the station (in the good old days, I would correspond with the station manager, who is now also long gone, a guy who told me I was his "ears" and actually cared about broadcast quality and content) to protest the devolution, and here's the response I just got:

Thanks for the note. We are sorry to hear you are not enjoying the direction of KTLK AM - 1150. Thom Hartmann has made the decision to move the air time of his show to Noon - 3p, Pacific Time. This will put his show on the air in Afternoon Drive on the east coast, which is an important move for his show.

KTLK is excited for Thom that he is able to bring his show to a larger audience. However, because of our commitment to Randi Rhodes, and the rest of the KTLK shows, we are not be able to air his program after he changes times.

No changes are being made to Randi Rhodes' show. She is still airing every Monday through Friday, Noon - 3p. Our commitments to our other programs prevent us from running Thom's show on a delay in a later time-slot.

"Diverse LA" will air 9a – Noon through Friday, March 30. Starting Monday, April 2, we will air The Ray Lucia Show from 9a - 12p. Ray's show is a financial-based program.


Clear Channel Talk LA

Yes, it's Clear Channel. But I do give them props for responding and for continuing to carry Stephanie Miller, Randi Rhodes, Bill Press, and Mike Malloy.

However, as I wrote back to them in response, they did not allay my concerns, they heightened them.

KTLK used to be my go-to station, I told them, but they've gradually replaced progressive hosts with ho-hum programming, including decidedly NOT-liberal hosts.

I reminded them that I will be turning my radio off during those hours.

I added that the one lone station that provided a badly needed voice for Progressives is morphing into bland, non-destination droning. I'm bitterly disappointed. Conservatives have shows airing all over the country, that of course, Clear Channel provides, but the single liberal station, in Los Angeles of all places, is not on their, er, agenda.

I also informed them that I'll be sharing their response all over social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook in hopes that they'll hear from more listeners, and even non-listeners. Clear Channel is intentionally silencing the one remaining avenue, the sole source of left-leaning talk available to a huge swath of the population.

But despite their efforts, we will not be silenced.

And I told them as much.

Here is their contact information:

Main Address:

KTLK AM 1150
3400 W Olive Ave Ste 550
Burbank CA 91505 

Main: (818) 559-2252
Programming: (818) 566-6476

Department Email Addresses:

Programming: Programming@KTLKAM1150.com