Sunday Links


Good Sunday folks!!!

Classics to dives: A photo tour of eight kinds of strip clubs in Las Vegas

Your pictures: Sleep

The Strange, Fascinating History of the Vibrator

Video- David Cameron visits New York's Ground Zero

N.Y. chef promotes roaches, other insects as food of the future

Would you pay $39,000 for the world's smallest house (even if it comes with a queen-size bed)?

Video- Looking for Lenny: Lenny Bruce, comedy and free speech

Two massive trucks spend two days (and counting) clearing out 'public nuisance' hoarder's home that's so bad it's visible from satellite

What campaign logos say about the U.S. Senate candidates

Video- White cliffs of Dover suffer large collapse

What Do Robots Do All Day? A kids' book from the future

'Her victim was left tortured, afflicted, consumed, pined, wasted, and tormented': Extraordinary indictment of Salem 'witch' hanged for 'detestable arts of witchcraft and sorceries'

Video- Folding tables, desks and carts with a tiny footprint

Video- Irish language gains popularity among US students

Fluffernutter avec foie gras

Video game art gets the gallery treatment

US documentary pries lid off isolated Myanmar

Last home of Charles Dickens opens to the public for the first time

Sales of erotic fiction soar as women too shy to buy in store can now download saucy tales onto their eReaders