Final Banned Doonesbury: "The Republican party is hoping you get caught in a shame spiral..."


Garry Trudeau’s wickedly “over the top,” slutty story arc wraps up with this final installment. The strip has been barred by some papers all week, or, as the L.A. Times is doing, being moved to the Op-Ed section, which is fine with me. It’s larger, more prominent, and a good fit:

“We felt the story line was a little over the top for a comics page,” said Alice Short, a Times assistant managing editor.

They’ve run a different series of Doonesbury strips in the Comics section instead:

A number of U.S. newspapers have indicated that they also will move the series to their opinion pages or run them online only. Several plan not to run the series at all.

Of course, conservatives will be all over this, right? because “freedom of speech” is everything to them.

For Rachel Maddow’s take, please go here.

  • northierthanthou

    Loved this series.

  • tamagura

    This was an excellent storyline.

  • Jack Boardman

    Neither one of our cowardly, Republican-owned, newspapers ran the series at all.