"Women's right to healthcare- to which they are entitled & for which they are willing to pay- can be trampled at the whim of a pharmacist's belief"


Today's L.A. Times letter to the editor, because our voices matter:

Only as free as we make it

Re "Speech under fire," Opinion, March 9

[Jonathan] Turley does not go far enough in his Op-Ed article on the dangers of the government bending over backward to achieve tolerance at the cost of the rights guaranteed by the 1st Amendment.

Free speech is not the only right being threatened today. What about the rights of a woman to purchase a legally prescribed medication — Plan B — from a state-licensed pharmacy tended by a state-licensed pharmacist?

A Washington appeals court has ruled that women's right to the healthcare — to which they are entitled and for which they are willing to pay — can be trampled on at the whim of a pharmacist's belief that this form of contraception violates his or her religious convictions.

Pharmacists should be free to refuse to take Plan B, but they should not be free to deny someone else the freedom to hold different values and make other choices.

Janet Weaver
Huntington Beach