At this rate, John Edwards may never get to know his new(est) baby


(Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Via Taegan:

The National Enquirer reports that John Edwards has reportedly decided "to have another child with the woman who destroyed his marriage," according to the Daily Mail.

"Rielle Hunter is reportedly hoping to become pregnant before Edwards' trial in April, after which he could be sentenced to up to 30 years in jail."

1. I so regret that I ever supported this putz (although his "two Americas" theme still resonates).

2. Why in the world would they try to have another child before knowing the outcome of the trial? Do they never think ahead?

3. If Rielle does end up pregnant, and Edwards is convicted and sent away for even 10 years, do they really want their child to get to know his/her dad during jail visitation hours?

4. Or during hospital visitation hours? He has a "life-threatening heart condition". Clearly, the pressures of new fatherhood would clear that right up.

5. Do John and Rielle ever think of anyone other than themselves?

6. See Number One.