Maybe the "baby's daddy [should] be present at every doctor's appointment, the birth, & help support the child for 18 years."


Today's L.A. Times letters to the editor, Part 2, because our voices matter:

Hey, Virginia, what about dads?

Re "Virginia ultrasound bill is signed," March 8

If the state of Virginia mandates that women seeking abortions have to undergo an ultrasound, shouldn't the father of the baby also be present?

And maybe the state should mandate that the baby's daddy agree to be present at every doctor's appointment, the birth, and to help support the child for 18 years.

I mean, it only seems fair, right?

Donna Soskin


  • David G.

    As long as the men who run this country (just look at the make up of the Congress -- both houses) there won't be any mandates against men.  These elected officials will never go beyond their personal selfish self  interests.  How about some sort of testing for clogged arteries or illness before prescribing ED meds?  They have become recreational much more than medical in their usage.  DG

  • MrDak

    Amen to this letter - this should be on a billboard in Richmond!