Harry Reid fighting for judicial nominees: “Americans can no longer rely on fair and speedy trials.”


How many judicial nominees have already been blocked by Republicans? Who knows? Too many, that's how many, and the GOP is doing this country no favors.

So Harry Reid is trying to do something about it. He and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell agreed to advance more nominees at the beginning of last year, and look where it got him.

Nowhere, that's where.

Roll Call:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid sought to move 17 pending federal judicial nominees today, declaring the nation’s court system “at the breaking point under a backlog so intense an emergency has been declared.”

The Nevada Democrat, who has complained of Republican filibustering over a host of Obama administration nominees, filed procedural motions on each of the 17 pending District Court nominees who earned GOP support in the Judiciary Committee.

“Republicans have prevented the Senate from doing its constitutional duty” by confirming nominees, Reid said.

He also said, “Americans can no longer rely on fair and speedy trials" and that GOP obstruction and stall tactics are “an effort to embarrass the president and not take into consideration 160 million people who don’t have the ability to have their cases tried in an orderly manner.”

The ones who should be embarrassed are the Republicans.