My Impression of GUTS by Kristen Johnston (3rd Rock from the Sun)


First, big thanks to Kristen for letting me read this early. As most of you know, I'm still struggling with the eye issues, and this is the very first complete book I've ready in over 2 years- I didn't just read it, I gobbled it up in a couple of hours.

(Disclaimer: My huge affection for this book has nothing to do with the multiple similarities between Ms. Johnston's life and my own- We're both "big girls who grew up in the Midwest attending Catholic schools with matching neurosis and equally self deprecating humor." Nuh uh, makes no difference at all.)

I'm not a fan of "girl gets celebrity, girl goes wild, girl goes to rehab, girl is REDEEMED" stories so you will be thrilled to know this is not even close to the kind of dreck that is pumped out by vacuous bimbos pining for acceptance. Imagine you get a late night call from a girlfriend you were close to in college, and you both settle down to hear what's happened since then.

From the very first page the gauntlet is dropped. Irreverent? Check. Brutally honest? Check. Bordering on spit take funny? Double check.

I enjoyed every page of it even though some parts can be so raw about her condition that you find yourself sighing and wishing there was a phone call you could have made or fit thrown to get the damn woman some help.

It's okay, she didn't need me.

Anyone who struggles with addiction or has anything to do with one will recognize the depths and strengths in Kristen's journey, so I guess the snorts and chortles are on the house.

A thoroughly enjoyable couple of hours with an extraordinary woman.

Kristen Johnston's new book out 3/13. Uniquely honest AND funny. Pre order $10 off, $1 a book goes to SLAM (Organization to get sober HS in NYC).