Video- The War Room: Jennifer Granholm Calls Out 'Repulsive, Misogynistic' Limbaugh


I missed this so brava to Heather for catching it. The Gov lays it out.

  • They understand exactly what they are saying.  The use of the big lie is a well known propaganda tool.  What is sad is how blind our so called main stream media is in not understanding that what Rush said is what the Republicans truly believe.  The Republican Party's hatred of the day club is not a sustainable basis for a national political party.  Republicans will not denounce their spiritual and intellectual leader.

  • This is just my 2 cents. What Rush Limbaugh, those on Fox News supporting him, and his followers fail to understand about Ms. Fluke's testimony is that the insurance companies REFUSE to pay for women’s birth control even when it was being used strictly for health care reasons. This issue was not about tax payers paying for it but the insurance companies that women pay premiums to every month and they refuse to cover a medication that a woman needs no matter what the use.

  • David G.

    The Mittster has a need to talk out about this instrument of evil (Rush, the druggie) as Bain Capital was and is part of his essence.  You can't separate them.  So speak up Willard.  DG