VIDEO: Mitt Romney mangles "Davy Crockett" theme song


Via TPM.

Willard Romney clearly thinks he's done so well with his recitations of "America the Beautiful" that he's augmenting his vocal repertoire with the theme from "Davy Crockett."

Please, Willard, just stop. We Dems are asking politely, but if you keep this up, we'll sick Keith Olbermann on you... again.

Here's one of the original versions. Listen and weep, Mitt:

  • holyreality

    Now I could call Mittens a douchebag and be accurate about it, but I won't.

    I will call this obvious pandering douche-like.

    I believe the qualities of showering his audience with water stems from trying too hard.  He will always be THAT GUY that everybody cringes from when they hear him approach.