Quick Shout Out to Gottalaff


Excuse me while I grab a mo to give props to my co-editor of 5ish years Gottalaff. Gotta has been more than generous in giving me credit on Twitter when someone compliments the blog or a post, and I don't have that opportunity, so here it is.

None of you care to hear me whine (I'm sure) about how hard doing this blog pretty much just the two of us is, but it's just a little whine. I'm on the computer approx 7a est going thru my RSS of easily fifteen hundred articles, checking hot blogs for news etc. Gotta usually checks in to check her email (filled to the brim every morning) of ideas, links and vids etc about 8a pst. We switch over between noon and 1 my time. Then the fun starts.

Since she is much more active on the Twitter thingie than me, she spends the next 7 10 (Edited by Laffy) hours or so juggling between her home life, a demanding Twitter world, working on various videos and posting the quality stuff she does. I come back later in the evening to tidy stuff up for the next day and toss up an Overnight. Repeat.

Fivish years of this non stop. Two short breaks for vacations. Minimal help from guest bloggers.

And yet she's rarely difficult (hey, no one's perfect) and much more inclined to work things out, be fair and treat me well and as a friend. I'm very lucky to have her as co-editor. I hope I do the same for her.

Thank you Gotta, you're a helluva gal.

ADDED by Laffy: This was a hugely unexpected and happy surprise!! Thank you Padlock, and of course, our wonderful readers for all the kind comments! I'm gobsmacked and experiencing full on blushitude!

I can say, without reservation, that Paddy is the best co-editor ever, and a wonderful friend. The feelings are mutual!

  • David Greene

    Laffy is a national treasure.....WAY better than the movie.

  • David G.

    You both are amazing and I can't thank you enough for providing me daily with entertainment, news and important commentary.  So here's to many, many more, and here's to all of your hard work, individually and collectively.  DG

  • dandy

    Started following you guys when our president was making his run in '08, have admired your work every day since then. Keep up the fantabulous work, it's very much appreciated!

  • lsamsa

    Political Carnival is one of my top five blogs I visit every day, more than once.
    There is a reason for that, considering all the thousands of blogs out there.
    You two ladies provide excellent coverage of what is happening...that which is important for all of us to be aware of.
    You are factual, you are timely, you provide many sources of information & opinions...and most importantly relevant.
    That you also include respites from the crushing world around us...is certainly most welcome & needed.
    Thank you to both of you.
    Paddy...what a wonderful post.

  • Agreed!! 

  • The both of you have our warmest thanks, of that you can be sure. Your work and efforts to bring us the interesting stuff (and often the overlooked elsewhere stuff) could not be more appreciated by people like myself, I'm sure. We heart you two 🙂

    Laffy and Paddy ftw.

  • Well Laffy and Paddy, the true beneficiaries of your intelligence, your poise and your mutual respect are those of us who funny bones are tickled while our intellects are prodded.

  • THANK YOU, GOTTALAFF!  I understand exactly the leverl of work and committment to bloggin.


  • Skippybkroo

    laffy is da bomb