VIDEO: This is Gov. Bob McDonnell's Virginia


If you need a reminder of who Gov. Bob McDonnell is, here you go, scroll down.


On March 3, 2012, a group of peaceful protesters opposed to the Republican Party's War on Women were surrounded by riot police and dragged away under the guns of a SWAT team.

This is Bob McDonnell's Virginia.

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    Did they really not get a permit before marching?  Although the first amendment allows freedom of assembly, most jurisdictions require a permit to organize a march, to ensure that traffic is not impeded and that people are able to enter/exit buildings.  I do agree the guns were completely nuts, though, and I absolutely support what they were marching for.

  • For as long as I can remember Americans have constantly had to take action to protect their basic rights and unfortunately it is the police who are tasked with actually denying those rights in the name of the unjust laws they enforce.  The police are as guilty as the politicians when they act in defiance of basic humanity and when they don't question the legitimacy of their orders.  We hung Germans and Japanese and their collaborators for less after World War II, now our politicians emulate those same war criminals.

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    All these Demonstrators are brave, great Americans!  Thank you, Vote out ALL of the GOPKochteaparty in 2012 get involved!