Video- Bob Kerrey Says Reid Made PromisesTo Get Him To Run


Dunno about you guys, but I really hope Harry didn't give that milquetoast too much, 'cause he sure isn't worth it. Via Taegan-

In his first on camera interview after announcing he's running for the U.S. Senate, Bob Kerrey (D) told Nebraska Watchdog that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has made several promises to Kerrey to get him to run but to declined to identify them.

Said Kerrey: "They were important to me, and I asked for them, and he's agreed... I would only ask of things that would be beneficial to Nebraska."

Here's the video via Nebraska Watchdog:

  • Sally

    If he made a deal that the Keystone pipeline would never go near Nebraska, good for him. But I bet that wasn't it.

  • NebDem

    "Milquetoast" or not, Kerry is the lone hope to hold onto a critical Senate seat. As for being a flip-flopper on the run-up to this decision, doing so on something like a go/nogo call is something I can easily live with and pales in comparison to the downright hilarious series of flip flops from certain GOP presidential candidates, where the presumed nominee is leading the pack in terms of trotting out almost daily a host of dizzyingly head-spinning u-turns. 

  • I don't disagree that it would've been nice if Kerrey had been a bit more considerate of the timelines, finances and choices of other potential candidates. But it's not so much the flip-flopping that's the problem, in my opinion (politicians have to learn to bend under pressure on a few things, else they simply break), it's the conservative, triangulating DLC-formed mindset of Kerrey. If you thought Ben Nelson was a backstabbing wanker to the cause of progress, never there when we needed him most, you're gonna LOVE Bob Kerrey. 

    And this whole back room deal bullshit REALLY makes me both angry and worried. Kerrey SAYS it's "for Nebraska," but those are weasel words: he could make a case that ANY pet issue of his was "for Nebraska." The likelihood that the promises he extracted from Harry Reid are specifically and exclusively about Nebraska are slim, in my opinion. I don't know about you, but regardless of the outcome of either the race for the balance of the Senate or the Presidential election, if Kerrey is elected, when Reid does something inexplicably cowardly (or worse) on a given issue, I'm going to be wondering whether it isn't the invisible, undisclosed hand of Bob Kerrey calling in his promises that Reid weaken something, or not push too hard for something else. 

  • KansasDem

    I wouldn't call Kerrey a  milquetoast. I worked for the Nebraska state government when he was the Governor of NE, and I was a representative of NAPE (the Nebraska Association of Public Employees) at the same time.

    So I actually met him a couple of times and he was always cordial, honest, but particularly tough ......... I mean TOUGH! He convinced us to accept wage freezes, benefit cuts, etc to prevent lay-offs .......... much in the same way negotiations went with the auto-workers under PBO's "bailout".

    Don't get me wrong Kerrey is, for instance, no great friend to Social Security or Medicare! And I'm not sure where he stands on todays social issues. My guess is that he was promised a sweet assignment to some key oversight position.

    It's time to be realistic. No other Dem stood a chance at winning that seat, Kerrey does, and I'd rather have a somewhat "rightist" Dem than any effing Republican.

    For that matter, I wish Obama had let Sebelius run for KS Senate and found someone else for HHS.


  • David G.

    Kerry has betrayed his party by flip flopping on whether or not to run... His decision should have been made once and for all -- he had all the opportunity to talk to Harry Reid before he announced he wasn't going to run which propelled others into the campaign.  Now they stand to lose money and reputation because Kerry is an egomaniac who just can't stick with no as an answer.  DG