Happy 6th Anniversary! The man Dick Cheney shot re: his X-rays: "They say my chest looks like New York City at night."


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How thoughtful of Dick Cheney to share a hobby with his friend in a way that will stay with him for the rest of his life. He's always been such a giver, especially for someone without a beating heart.

Or a conscience.

Via The Daily:

Six years after the incident, Whittington, 84, is still riddled with the bird shot Cheney accidentally hit him with. Some 30 odd pellets are lodged in the lining of his heart, his gums, his hand, his forehead, and the bridge of his nose.

They say my chest looks like New York City at night,” he said, of doctors looking at his X-rays.

You know how he celebrated the sixth anniversary of his being a human Cheney shooting target? With a "ceremonial consumption of a quail snack."