VIDEO- Mitt Romney: Nomination of new GOP candidate at a brokered convention "is not going to happen."


Via LA Times


Chris Christie, who endorsed Willard Romney, said a brokered convention is "a possibility", but "unlikely":

Mediaite gives good video.

But Willard Romney would have none of that, saying he doesn't "think there is any prospect of a brokered convention"

Aww, their first fight.

  • Uranus

    Willy and Blubbo are shadow government wannabes, aren't privy to such decisions and might have to eat these words. As you know, there was a story bouncing around the Kremlin Henry Kissinger promised China's government the next U.S. president would be Jeb Bush.

    Then, the descent to global tyranny will be complete. How stupid is that, and how much don't we need another Bush in the White House? I've read a few stories written by right wing blowholes saying the brokered unifier is a fairy tale, but it wouldn't surprise me.

    Don't do it GOP, or I will hurt your feelings.

  • LOL, when I saw that one, I couldn't resist!

  • majii

    You're a really evil person, GottaLaff, for putting that picture of Christie  and Romney together.  It gave me a real shock when I first saw it! LOL

  • BetoSando

    Sitting next to each other, the Romney Chrisitie duo make a perfect "10"!!!