Auto union will taunt Romney from the sky at tomorrow at Daytona 500


I could not be more tickled if you pinned me down and did it. Bravo UAW!!

The United Auto Workers will taunt Mitt Romney from the sky while he attends Daytona 500 on Sunday. Plane banner: "Mitt Romney: Let Detroit Go Bankrupt."

The union says 31 of 43 cars racing tomorrow are made by one America's big three auto makers.

"Had the country taken Romney's advice, turning his back on the Auto Industry and the millions who depend on it during their darkest hour, what would have become of NASCAR? An American race ruled by European cars? Porches, BMW and Audi's circling the track? NASCAR, like baseball and the American Auto Industry itself, is an iconic part of this country and its spirit. UAW's message to Mitt Romney? Don't bet against us, don't bet against America," the UAW said.