VIDEO, PhotOH! Mitt Romney’s pandering stadium speech not exactly a big draw, says wife drives a "couple of Cadillacs."


"Romney squeezes Detroit event into deserted stadium." via @ByronYork

Via my Twitter buddy Mike:

Romney managed to scrape up around 1,000 people in the 60,000-seater Ford Stadium.

More on his pandering here. For example, Think Progress's video below, in which Wealthy Willard not only reiterates his inane "trees are the right height" line, he also refers to the "couple of Cadillacs" his wife drives.

That should go a long way to ingratiate him to voters who feel lucky to even own a car, let alone a fancy schmancy one two:

Compare the photo above to those of a 2008 Obama rally.

H/t: @SLSiri @jemmyiam

  • Well Willard, when you tell an entire city to "[go ahead and] go bankrupt", this is what you should expect . . .